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Pricing and Options

The Options **

I will provide you with a free 1 hour consultation. So we can figure out what kind of web presence you need. We will also figure out what kind of design you would like. All sites are custom. But I have a few templates I can work from to make your choice simpler

Since no two web sites are alike or require the same amount of work and time, pricing is flexible and is custom quoted per project based upon the estimated amount of time required for the individual site. Includes the following services and anything else you can think of. . .
Custom design of static web pages
Design of site architecture and navigation
HTML coding and web page construction, including placement of text and graphics
Cgi Script installation
Java Script customization & installation
Miscellaneous Programming
Setting up of Server Side Includes
Web-ready processing of photographs and graphics
Scanning and processing of photos and graphics
Uploading of web pages to client's server
Design consultation
Client education

Add ons:

Forums (Installation & customization)
Database Creation

Web Site Redesign

Custom quote depending on needs of site. Rates for Maintenance & Repair Services: Routine maintenance tasks - $60.00 to $75.00 per hour, depending on complexity of site

Banner Design & Flash Animations

We can also design Static and Animated Banners and Flash Animations -- $75.00/hour